Friday, April 18, 2008


more than you can shake a stick at...

Friday, April 4
(That's right two weeks ago) Logan, being the awesome roommate he is, and sensing I needed something to cheer me up, invited me out to hang out with some of his friends (most of whom I had met or hung out with before) at O'Neill's for a birthday celebration. We saw a really awesome 80's cover band by the name of Long Duk Dong. I had a couple of drinks there. Then a bunch of the gang decided to go to The Dame where they were having a Dance Night. I had a couple more drinks there, and I shook my booty until the wee hours of the morning. I had such a blast and it was just what I needed to blow off some steam. Thanks to Logan, Rebecca, and Rachel for helping me have such an awesome time!

Saturday, April 5
Saturday was sleep in and then go to work day. Crashed hard that night.

Sunday, April 6
More work, then went to William's to hang out and roasted some marshmallows and made smores in his fireplace.

Monday thru Saturday
Pretty much same old, same old - work, class, sleep, and eat. Except I also went to a couple of rehearsals for The Music Man (which I was light designing).

Sunday, April 13
I woke up, did some work on Music Man design, and then went to work. I got off work around 9:30p, and started back to working on Music Man design at about 10:30pm. I worked straight through the night until ...

Monday, April 14
... 7:00am when I took a shower, and printed out my plot to take to the Opera House. Got to the Opera House at 9:00am, and didn't leave until 11:00pm or later. Went home and did some homework (class and design), and got a couple hours sleep.

Tuesday, April 15
Back at the Opera House again at 9:00am until 11:00pm. Had a meeting with Stage Manager, Director, and Assist. Director at Denny's afterwards.

Wednesday, April 16
Got some sleep that night, but had class in the morning. Back at the Opera House at 1:00pm to finish up design stuff. Left at ... guess ... that's right, 11:00pm.

Thursday, April 17
Slept most of the day, because I needed to. Went into the Opera House to give the Stage Manager and Master Electrician some final instructions for opening night. Then I headed over to my friend Sam's house to work on a video project he was working on. It was so funny. I can't wait to see the footage he shot!

That's my past two weeks in a slightly larger than normal nutshell. I'll post more details about the Music Man at a later time. That was such a rewarding experience!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

design refresh

allow me to point out my flaws

Well, I've done it again. A new redesign. If you thought my last design was clean and clutter-free, you almost won't know what to do with yourself this time.

I wanted to get it up and going so I could start using it, but it's far from complete.

Bugs/issues to be fixed/completed -
- individual post pages are broken
- no styles on individual post pages
- blue bar doesn't extend alongside of the posts

- "home" button to be styled better
- navigation at bottom of page
- arrange/style "labels"
- style links to fit better with scheme
- add links n such to sidebar
- "about" page to be added
- "photos" page to be added
- "videos" page to be added

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Music Man Design

Quick Bits

I just got the tech specs from the Opera House. I'm like a kid in a candy store... at Christmas!

>> (256) ETC SourceFour lighting fixtures
>> (288) 2.4kw ETC Sensor Dimmers
>> (1) ETC Obsession 600 console

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Big weekend. Little sleep.

I know, the weekend usually begins on Friday... but since this weekend was a big deal, I'm including Thursday in so that it doesn't feel left out.

I went into church at 9:00am to work on the light setup a little more for the Easter services. I got them all patched and looking good before I had to go to work that evening.

Typical day. Worked that night.

At church again at 9:00am to put the finishing touches on the lighting setup and then start programming the show. The rest of the production team showed up at about 10:00 and we went to eat lunch at around 11:30. After lunch, I worked furiously to get my cues written on the console. As I mentioned before, we had rented a bunch of gear for this weekend, so the curve was a little steeper than normal. At 5:00, I finally had the show basics written in and we went to the Green Room for a quick meeting and to pray over the weekend.

The services that night went really well. I was able fix a few things that I missed on the fly, and fixed a few other things between services and after the second one.

Went home and crashed hard.

Rolled into Church before the butt-crack of dawn. Fixed a few things in my cues before the first of three services began that day. You could tell everyone was a little groggy due to the early morning. The last two services of the day were probably the best. All the kinks were pounded straight and all the wrinkles had been ironed out. The energy was high and it was ... AMAZING. God did wonderful things in that room.

After the services were over, I went home and crashed. That evening, I went out to eat at Mr. Kabab's for a Schworma Platter (aka, gut-buster with paint-peeling breath).

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

SETC - the "potential" report

aka - hire me, please!

Here's the four places that I feel the strongest about, either in how much I want the job or how likely I feel an offer will be extended...

Arundel Barn Playhouse | Arundel, Maine
Description: This place was the first sit-down interview I had. They're a very small theatre in Maine. It's an indoor venue built in a converted barn.

Position: Lighting Designer / Master Electrician

The pros: $350/wk + housing. Expand my design resume. Indoor theatre.

The cons: small venue, many not be very challenging, the higher salary may mean they need to sweeten the pot due to living or working conditions.

Cedar Point Entertainment | Sandusky, Ohio

Description: Theme park shows.

Position: Lighting Technician

The pros: $408/wk. Close to family. Indoor.

The cons: Theme park.

Santa Fe Opera Company | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Description: Covered outdoor opera house.

Position: Electrician

The pros: Hourly pay. Overtime. Well-known theatre.
The cons: Hourly pay. 80-90 hours work-week.

Stages St. Louis | Chesterfield, Missouri


Position: Electrician / Spot Op

The pros: $350/wk. Housing (-$50/wk). Indoor.
The cons: unknown at this time

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Illustrator "Fun"

... and by fun, i mean work that is mildly amusing.

This is our third assignment for my Electronic Publishing class. The first two were nothing big, just teaching us to use Adobe Illustrator. This one has us using Illustrator for something potentially useful. We were supposed to either draw something free hand or "trace" an jpg image we already had. I chose to trace a pirate devil duck that Erin's sister, Abby, gave me for christmas last year.

Here's the original.

Here's the one I made.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

redesign preview!

you saw it here first...

Hey gang, I've been working on a new design for my portfolio website. Check out a couple of these preview shots I decided to post in order to tease you a bit. :)

[view of the header]

[view of the nav bar]

[view of the quick gallery]

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hot off the presses...

get your updates here.

Well, I'm finally back from the summer, but I'm not quite settled, yet. I guess that's what you get when you come back a day late starting for classes, no apartment, and no car. (All will be explained later)

Some good news - upon returning to EKU this semester, I was suprised to find that a few of my projects from the past two semesters classes have won awards at IGAEA's Gutenberg Awards. The contest is open to colleges and universities across the nation.

First off, a calendar project that my class did last semester won honorable mention in the print division. I'll try to post a few photos of the calendar later.

Next, a t-shirt I designed and printed in the fall won First Place in the screen printing category.

Lastly, a web design project from last semester won Best In Show for the web publishing category! (go see it)

So as far as that goes, I'm pretty excited!

(more updates later)

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

The REAL good news.

I setup and ran lights this weekend for the Easter services at St. Awesome's. The energy in a room of over 1000 people singing in praise of their creator is just simply put, incredible.

Normally to setup for a weekend, we meet about 1:00pm on Saturday. Since this weekend was a bigger event, and there were a lot of things that were being added and incorporated, there were about six of us that showed up on Thursday and Friday evening to get jump start on the setup. It was probably one of my favorite stage setup's we've done at church. Here's a couple photos I took this weekend. Click on them to see a larger image.


My Savior loves
My Savior lives
My Savior's always there for me

My God He was
My God He is
My God is always gonna be

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good News

About time something went right.

Yesterday I applied for a job on campus (that would start in the Fall Semester) at ResNet as their Publication Designer.

Today, as I sat down in my last class of the day, I got a phone call from them. I have an interview with them on Monday! I'm very excited. It would be awesome to have a job to come back to after the summer when I return to classes in the fall.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Project Flash

What the heck is a "Tween"?

For more information, check out: Project355:MotionTween
Update: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I made this. It's a part of my Web Animation class. It's used to demonstrate the ability to do different things. Tell me what you think.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

randomness abounds!

so much to do...

Let's see where to start:

- Ladies and Gentlemen... it is WAY too cold to be wearing flip flops on campus!
- I'm mostly over my pneumonia... I still have a bit of a cough, but it's WAY better than how I was feeling.
- I miss my girlfriend.
- Started work on redesigning my portfolio site - check it out:
- Filed my taxes yesterday. I get a refund. Whoo hoo! C'mon direct deposit!
- I miss Stephanie.
- I have an actual free weekend this weekend. I'm not sure what to do with myself.
- Had a wonderful weekend in Charleston, WV, last weekend with my girlfriend, Erin. We celebrated Valentines Day and our 8 month anniversary.

The End.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Inner workings

see my guts

spinning gears

Made this Animated GIF for my TEC 355 class.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Project 335

rockin' the class

Started building my web page for the TEC355 (web animation) class. So far it's WAY better than the 225 site. In 225, we were building the site according to instructions, and we had to show off the ability to do certain things (whether we wanted to or not). This semester, I made the page look how I wanted off the bat. Our first project was drop down CSS menus. I'm pretty proud of mine. So check them out and compare. Let me know what you think...

TEC 255 - last semester
TEC 355 - this semester

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

how to: be awesome

that's how i roll...

These are graphics I made. I'm going to rework my design portfolio site... I liked it, it was awesome, but it wasn't quite me. I'll unveil my work once it's finished. But don't hold your breath.


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Monday, December 11, 2006

redesign launch

new. simple.

Been working on this for a couple weeks. It was one of the projects i teased you about a while back... this is obviously the one I wasn't getting paid for. I'm still working out a couple of kinks, but so far I like it. Tell me what you think.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

is late really better than never?

It's been well over a week since I last blogged. I must apologize. I've been really busy. Here's what's been going on:

Last week: Pretty much the normal stuff happened. Class; homework; lunches at LiveWire with Dustin (always highlights of my week); job searching. I also had a job interview at Hastings. We'll see how that winds up.

The weekend gave way to a LOT of driving...

Friday I went to good ole Prestonsburg to do some work for JWT. It was a decent day's work, and as a bonus, I got to see a lot of old friends who were in for "A Christmas Survival Guide"... I enjoyed my visit with everyone and probably would've enjoyed it more if I hadn't had a horrible cold. My front passenger seat was filled with used tissues, and i called it my "rolling bio-hazard".

Ohio State BuckeyesI woke up really early on Saturday morning to take a 5 hour drive from Prestonsburg to Columbus. I then drove mom and I to my girlfriend's parent's house in Newark in order to watch the biggest college football game of the season. The OSU v Michigan game. Her parents were having a small get-together and it was the first time her parents and my mom got to meet. I think they got along very well! That night, my mom, Erin and I drove into downtown Columbus to see The Kings Singers in concert. (by the way, they have a myspace page now... so check 'em out) The concert was amazing as always. The six men that make up this group can create sounds with their voices you wouldn't think possible.

On Sunday, Steph, Chris, Doris, Erin, my mom, and I went to lunch together since we didn't have much change to really chat the day before. They all met at my mom's house and those who hadn't been there before got the quick nickel tour before we left to eat. After lunch we all split up and went our separate ways. After a little more visiting with Erin and my mom, I headed back home. I crashed early Sunday night... still quite sick from my cold.

So far this week has been pretty much business as usual, except I went to see the new bond film with Steph and Chris (which was really good!). And they blessed me not only with their company, but also with a late birthday / early christmas gift. An awesome fossil watch! I've been wanting a dressy watch for a while now, especially lately as I've been in so many weddings, my brown leather everyday watch seems a little blah for special occasions or when I'm wearing a suit... so I know I'll get a lot of use out of it.

Okay... now, back to work... i have a paper due for my class tonight... yuk!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Celebrate! (still)

Today, Monday, October 30, 2006, I have a lot to be excited about.

First, Erin passed the preliminary auditions for SETC (SouthEastern Theatre Conference) so she can audition for about 100 theatre companies this spring to get a job after she graduates! I'm so proud of her, and she's VERY excited!

Also, Stephanie and Chris are in the country. Stephanie is hanging out in the Richmond/Lexington area for 3 weeks while Chris is on tour here. I'm very excite to see them both!

Lastly - I finally figured out what I'm doing with a t-shirt design for my Graphics Communication class! Whoo hoo! Good times all around!

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