Sunday, March 09, 2008

SETC - the "potential" report

aka - hire me, please!

Here's the four places that I feel the strongest about, either in how much I want the job or how likely I feel an offer will be extended...

Arundel Barn Playhouse | Arundel, Maine
Description: This place was the first sit-down interview I had. They're a very small theatre in Maine. It's an indoor venue built in a converted barn.

Position: Lighting Designer / Master Electrician

The pros: $350/wk + housing. Expand my design resume. Indoor theatre.

The cons: small venue, many not be very challenging, the higher salary may mean they need to sweeten the pot due to living or working conditions.

Cedar Point Entertainment | Sandusky, Ohio

Description: Theme park shows.

Position: Lighting Technician

The pros: $408/wk. Close to family. Indoor.

The cons: Theme park.

Santa Fe Opera Company | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Description: Covered outdoor opera house.

Position: Electrician

The pros: Hourly pay. Overtime. Well-known theatre.
The cons: Hourly pay. 80-90 hours work-week.

Stages St. Louis | Chesterfield, Missouri


Position: Electrician / Spot Op

The pros: $350/wk. Housing (-$50/wk). Indoor.
The cons: unknown at this time

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