Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun, Friends, and Food

...and landing jobs!

The past week has been a whirlwind of friends, news, and activities.

I left Ohio on Monday to head out west to visit Kirsten during her spring break. We had a blast! We went rock climbing at Upper Limits, hosted a beer and burger party at which I made my amazing burgers on the Forman grill, visited City Museum, and saw “The Watchmen” at a really cool movie theatre that had nothing but comfy leather couches for seating.

On Thursday, my patience paid off, and the production manager at Stages called to talk about the 2009 season. After a phone call, and a couple of emails, I’m heading back to St. Louis for work starting April 27th.

Heading back east, I stopped in Richmond for a visit with Dustin, Katie, and Xander for a night before heading to Lexington for a couple night visit with Logan and his fiancee Kristin, which is highly confusing me when I’m talking about her and my lady friend in the same sentence.

My last day in Lexington, I went to Sunday service at St. Awesome’s. I got to visit with a few friends from church and a few of us went out for an amazing lunch at a mexican restaurant. What was even a bigger blessing that day, was that I was offered a gig for this week. So Monday through Wednesday, I’m going to be going to New Jersey with a company called Church Solutions Group. They consult with churches and install audio, video, and lighting for worship. It should prove to be a lot of fun and hard work, a mix I tend to enjoy!

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