Friday, March 07, 2008


job hunting with a side of friends...

I woke up early, and ended up leaving the apartment a little earlier than expected. Arrived at the hotel right at 3:00, checked in, and headed to the convention center to meet up with some folks. Google Maps doesn't have any compassion at all. Apparently I typed in Street instead of Drive (or vice versa) and it put me 5 miles away from where I needed to be. Had a little "i got lost" adventure. Made it back to the hotel to use the wi-fi to check the map again. Finally figured it out, and made it to the Convention Center.

When I arrived, I instantly saw Anthony and Fries (pronounced FREEZE) when I walked in the building. I registered for the conference and checked in with the Job Contact room. The rest of the evening was basically free time for me, as I had decided that I would do all my interviewing the next day. So I hung out with and got to see a bunch of people that I knew. I stayed up later than I should have...

Got up (too) early, took a shower and ironed my shirt to wear with my suit. I looked sexy. Grabbed my interview paraphernalia and headed to the Convention Center. There were about 15 jobs posted that were either in my pay-scale or my job title. I wandered from booth to booth either dropping off resumes or doing interviews. This lasted all day since sometimes there were lines waiting to interview with certain companies. I had 4 really promising interviews, I interviewed with 8 total, and dropped resumes off at 7 others. I was finished around 6:00, but I had developed a headache, so I went back to the hotel to change into street clothes and nurse my headache before hanging out with people later that night.

I had two follow-up interviews on Saturday morning. The first one, the company called me the night before to schedule (promising?). The second one was scheduled after a first round review of resumes on Friday. Both interviews went well. Job Contact shut down after noon, so I was again basically free. I hung out with some of the Jenny Wiley crew the rest of the afternoon and into the wee hours of the morning.

Checked out of my hotel and wandered around Chattanooga for a while waiting on a couple of friends that I hadn't gotten to visit with during the conference. We met up and ate at a Mellow Mushroom. We had a good time catching up. After lunch, I headed home.

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