Thursday, April 12, 2007


too close for comfort

maxx7736: I have some really bad news...
skipthehero: what?!
maxx7736: The Paddy Wagon was on fire this morning.
skipthehero: OH NO!
maxx7736: They had a lot of downtown blocked off to fight it.
skipthehero: ohmygosh
maxx7736: It reached the bar next door to it, but last I heard that was it. So on the brightside livewire should be okay.
skipthehero: that's good.
maxx7736: It looked pretty bad though, at least from what I could see.
skipthehero: that stinks... do you know if anyone was in either of the places?
maxx7736: The report said that they believe everyone made it out safe.
skipthehero: good

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