Tuesday, March 03, 2009

True Tales of Txt-ing

OMG. I'm an idiot.

The following conversation is not made up.

Dustin: You don't happen to need some contacts, do you? ;)

Scott: Not really. Just ordered some last week. Why?

Dustin: Well.... I have some here that I'm pretty sure are your prescription, a whole box as a matter of fact. :)

Scott: [thinking Dustin found an old box that I might have left there.] Haha! Throw them away. They're probably an old prescription.

Dustin: But they just came in the mail.

Scott: [A realization] What!? Oh crap!

Quickly pulling up the shipment confirmation email from 1-800 contacts, I discovered that I had changed my billing address... but not my SHIPPING address.


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