Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vegas Valentine

sans Vegas...

This Cupid's day was one of the most fun I can remember. I've only been in a relationship during two Valentine Day's ever, and the rest I've been single.

This time, I had the fortune to have an amazing person offer me some comps to a hotel near Louisville, KY. No ordinary hotel, no. It was the hotel connected to the Horseshoe Casino just across the river from "the ville". This deal was offered to me since it is pretty much equa-distant from Columbus and St. Louis.

So Kirsten and I were able to have a much nicer Valentine's weekend than we normally would've (due to either poor-college status or in-between-job status that Kirst and I have).

Friday we met in Louisville at my big brother's house. We stayed there friday night and headed over to the hotel/casino on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday we explored what was basically a town unto itself in middle-of-nowhere, Indiana. Saturday night we enjoyed going to dinner and then heading to one of the bars to listen to some live music. We exchanged V-tine gifts. I got Kirsten a thin silver necklace with a small heart for the charm. She got me a belay device and carabiner for climbing.

Because Kirsten is in grad school, and really needed to do some work, Sunday was mostly comprised of her getting school work done. We had room service bring us breakfast, and then I watched TV and read while she worked. It was a very relaxing day. That evening we headed out to the actual casino.

I should mention that it's my first time to a casino, and it was a blast! I took $30 to "waste". First thing I did was put some money down at a black jack table. I played for about 10 minutes. I could've walked away after about 5 minutes and would've been ahead, but I was just having fun playing. Eventually I lost all the money I had put down and Kirsten and I went to play some slots and video poker. At one point while playing the 2 cent slots, I was up $5, and probably should have cashed out and moved on, but I was just enjoying playing the game, and I eventually busted.

The true highlight of the night was Keno. Kirsten saw it and was really intrigued, so we asked the guy at the counter what we had to do. He explained it to us and we sat down and picked out numbers (a lot like choosing lottery numbers) and gave him our ticket. He handed us our "official cards" and we sat down and watched the numbers as they came up. Kind of like the lottery, you have to match a certain number of numbers to win. The more numbers you match the more you win. Well, the first time we played, I won $20 for matching 6 out of 10 numbers. It was fun! We played a couple more times but didn't win anything. So we decided to head back and have some dinner. Kirsten ended up spending $15 at the casino, and I only lost $10 thanks to my big Keno win!

Unfortunately, the wonderful weekend came to a close on Monday morning when Kirsten headed back to St. Louis, and I headed back to Columbus. To add insult to injury, Sunday night, I started coming down with a cold. So I drove home with a cold on Monday and spent the next couple days taking Day- and NyQuil, curled up in the recliner, eating chicken noodle soup.

Many thanks to Kelly and Jamie for their immense generosity! It was such a fun weekend!

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