Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Revue

Four days off isn't nearly long enough...

Friday, I headed back East to visit some friends for the weekend since I had four straight days off.

That night, I hung out with the group of fine folks that I did most of my fun stuff with in Lexington. Ryan (and Ann) were hosting a cookout. Well, it rained, so it really ended up being a cook-out-then-in. We visited and played some games. William and I ventured out when it stopped raining and threw some frisbee in the street for some one-on-one male bonding time.

On Saturday, I got up and did some coffee-shop-hopping. I hit up Starbucks and used their new 2-hour free Wi-fi policy before heading over to the old apartment (cue Barenaked Ladies' song) to hang out with Logan for a bit. We pretty much acted like we normally do around each other. I got to meet his new lady, too. I grabbed a few things that I had left behind when I initially moved, packed up, and headed over to Common Grounds where I spent the rest of my afternoon in free Wi-fi bliss.

That night Ashlee had a few people over to her house and I got to visit a little more with some good friends. We decided it was too nice of an evening to spend it ALL inside, so we grabbed a frisbee and tossed it around in Ashlee's back yard. There were various neighborhoods shooting off their fireworks from the rained out day before. It was fun. Afterwards we played some Scrabble and ate some ice cream.

I got up early and went to St. Awesome's on Sunday morning. I was really lucky and very happy to see so many of my friends.

After church, I had lunch at Johnny Carino's with Dustin & Katie, and we caught up on our lives as well as all the TV Show chit chat and movie "reviews" like we usually do. Dustin and I are just too similar sometimes to have been born from separate parents. ;)

That evening I started the trip back West by stopping in Louisville to see my "Big Brother", his wife, and their 15-month-old baby. We grilled out for dinner and had a real nice time visiting.

Monday morning came, and I left Louisville to finish the trek West back to St. Louis.

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