Monday, June 30, 2008

That was 1922

Millie Memoirs...

Well, Thoroughly Modern Millie is over, and we're now in the changeover process going into Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which opens for preview on July 18.

I had some good times running that show. This post is kind of a list of my favorite moments from the show.

- Pamela (played Miss Dorothy) saying the line, "Trevor", always cracked me up.
- Mamie (played Millie) declaring war on me to make me laugh during the show so hard my spotlight shook.
- Trying to make Stacy (our Stage Manager) crack up when she's doing the backstage announcements over the mic to the actors.
- Ben (played Jimmy) popping out of the laundry basket he and Mamie were hiding in with red lip marks all over his face.
- Amy & Allan (played Alice & Bun-Foo) having a "boy-meets-girl" moment on stage every night.
- Mamie singing the HELL outta "Gimme Gimme". That song was also my favorite for my spot cues.
- Breaking Jana (making her laugh) in the middle of a cue.
- Following along with the motions that Graham (played Graydon) and Mamie did during "Speed Test".
- Any and all cues when I had to be spotting one person on stage right, go out, and then spot somebody on stage left, and then back again. :)

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