Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Good Day

or two...

As many of you many know, most of my time spent here in St. Louis is occupied with work. A typical week has me running up to 9 shows per week (2 on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays) as well as coming in to the shops to work on the upcoming show on the days we don't have two shows.

This weekend was a little different. We only had one show on Sunday.

A bunch of the crew and I had planned on going to City Museum after the afternoon show and go have some fun. Unfortunately, their hours on Sunday end at 5pm. We scrambled to figure out something else to do on our bonus evening off and landed on bowling.

Bowling was fun and beer filled (as it should be on both counts), and we all played some arcade games prior to and after bowling. Later on a few of us went and played some Night Frisbee. One of the props people, Nick, has a Frisbee with LED lights on it, so you can easily see the disc as it's flying through the darkness.

My official day off started with me sleeping in until 10am. That afternoon, I chose to explore a little more of my current locale. I found a giant, three-story mall that had a few dangerous stores for me to enter. It was the first time that I had ever set foot inside an actual Apple Store, and it was amazing! There was also a store called Sony Style (i think) that was entirely Sony products... who knew Sony made so much crap?! One of my downfalls is always a Godiva kiosk, and this mall had a whole STORE! I forced myself not to in, since I usually come away with about $50 in chocolate, usually in the form of various truffles. I grabbed some Chinese food in the food court, and headed out to do some more exploring.

I came across a movie theater, and caught a showing of The Incredible Hulk. It was INCREDIBLE!! (uhm... right) But seriously, it was a great movie. Ed Norton did an amazing job as Bruce Banner, and the CGI was smooth and hardly noticeable. I saw a couple previews while in there that got me REALLY excited. (and of course, I just blanked on all of them.)

After the movie, I stopped in a Barnes & Noble to browse around, ended up not buying anything except a Vanilla Chai latte from the "Starbucks" inside.

That evening people came over to the apartment to watch the Jeff Dunham DVDs I had bought at the mall.

Not too shabby of a weekend, if I say so myself.

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