Sunday, March 16, 2008

Piggy-back, Ponytails, and Prayers

alliterating my life...

Working in retail gives me an excellent opportunity to people-watch. One of my favorite things is when I see a family either walking into or out of the store. What gives me pure joy is when I see a father carrying his daughter on his shoulders and asking the mother, "how low the bridge is" so he can duck when entering the doorway.

Another fun one is a child walking between the two parents, holding one hand of each, and the parents are counting, "one, two, THREE!" and on three, they swing the child into the air and land him gently back on his feet - all the while the child is smiling and laughing, without a care in the world.

I always see these things and think, "wow, one day, I want to be a great dad like that." I know it's not my time, yet, and I am not mentally actually ready to have a family, but it's nice to think about the future...

Everyone once in a while, something really neat happens in the parking lot at work. Today, I was stopped by (what seemed to be) a family in an SUV. They mentioned that they are driving around asking people if they need anything to be prayed about. They also mention that they're from St. Awesome's! I just thought it was really neat that they were doing that. It gave me a burst of energy and warmth.

Also - today was nice to work outside. Let's keep that rain away for a bit... or at least between midnight and 9:00am, if that's okay?

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