Wednesday, March 19, 2008

humpday update

...and other douchebag things

So far this week has been pretty decent. As stated earlier, after classes on Monday, I hung out at My Time Coffee (formerly know as LiveWire) and helped out a friend with some web page stuff. After that, I hung out with a good friend from Nashville.

Tuesday was greeted via lunch with Ben (said friend from Nashville) and Matt. After lunch we stopped by a production company to rent a bunch of gear for the Easter services this weekend. Back at the church, we began setting up said gear. I'm VERY excited. Here's a quick list of what we rented:

- (7) LED PAR Light Fixtures
- (8) "Truss Warmer" PARCans
- (4) 10' sections of Box Truss
- (3) 1/4 ton chain-lift motors
- (4) Elation Design Spot 250s [intelligent fixtures]
- (1) Hazer

That night, I hung out with the gang at William's, where we enjoyed a tasty meal of Fettuccine Alfredo and some fun conversation.

Rolling through Wednesday was a normal day, until after classes when I decided to hit the coffee shop again and enjoy a Vanilla Chai and some Wi-Fi. I was delightfully surprised to see one of the guys from Inlightened Ministries there. We share a table and played a game of Lux Delux. Shortly, I'll head over to FBC in Richmond to watch the guys at Youth Connect. After that, I'll get to visit with my buddy Ben again (probably just briefly).

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