Monday, July 09, 2007

The coolest people...

txt msg fools.

I'm at the theatre while the designer and director write light cues for West Side Story. I'm bored. I have to be here in case I'm needed, but I don't have any real work to do until the end of the night when I strike gear.

A couple of the ladies in the cast and I started txt msging back and forth. It got really fun with one of the girls sending me "secret admirer" messages since I didn't have her number. The was all kinds of fun being sent in digital form. It was definitely the most number of txt msgs I've ever sent and/or received in one day. I think the tally came up to over 60 msgs total... sent and received. The awesome thing was, they were doing it to keep me entertained while I was bored at work!

Here's to Meg, Anabel, and Nicole! Some of the coolest gals I know! Thanks ladies!! You made my night!!

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