Monday, April 16, 2007


I haven't done one of these in a while, let's see if I'm rusty or not...

Woke up to some troubling news about a fire in the Paddy Wagon. The Wagon was a cool Irish Pub downtown. By far my favorite watering hole in Richmond. The truly scary part for me was that my favorite place to hang out was only a couple doors down from the pub. Luckily it was only closed for the day (due to that section of Main Street being blocked off), and it reopened on Friday. To console myself, I grabbed General Tso's chicken from Tsing Tao.

I spent most of the day finishing up my costume design project for class. We had to design costumes (and changes) for two of the main female characters in Fallen Angels. When I get all my projects back, I'll scan them in or take a photo of them so you can see what I've been up to in that class.

Went to class and my teacher was very impressed with the progress that I've made since the beginning of class. He was very complimentary. This project had to be painted in watercolor. I'm terrible at painting, but we've been practicing in class, and his comment made me feel much better about my work.

While sitting at home, I got a call from Ben. He and his wife were in town! A pleasant and unexpected surprise. We went to dinner at Casa Fiesta and caught up a little bit. They were in town for a funeral of a friends mother. :( So a good thing under not-so-good circumstances. Later that night I went to another local watering hole with my friends Casey and Michelle. One of Casey's friends was playing at the place that night and so we went and listened for a while.

I originally had other plans for this weekend, but they were sort of changed, so I was able to enjoy relaxing at home for a little bit, watch TV, and straighten up the room some (not serious cleaning, just a little). Later that night, I met Ben, Rebekah, Chris and his friend at Miyako's for sushi! We actually sat in the sushi bar section since Rebekah finally realized she likes sushi. :) After dinner, Ben, Rebekah, and I hung out at Rebekah's parents house. We chatted, watched some stand-up, watched a little National Treasure, and Ben and I played a little bit of Lux.

Woke up and went to church at St. Awesome's. They started out the service with a Mute Math video. Pretty sweet. Went home and lounged around for a while. Dustin, Katie and I hit Qdoba for dinner, and then I went into solitude to relax, watch TV, and read my homework for class the next day.

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