Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My List

What dreams may come?

Inspiration abounds after I saw this on Erin's livejournal. One dream for each year of life. That's 28 for me. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Graduate College
2. Have my own place of residence
3. Have a decent paying job that I enjoy
4. Get married
5. Go on a cruise
6. Visit Stephanie and Chris in London
7. Travel to Ireland
8. Make my friends and family proud
9. Watch all the classic movies
10. Act on stage again
11. Be a better man (person)
12. Be a better Christian
13. Learn a second language (French or German)
14. Tour with a show at least once
15. Tour with a concert group at least once
15. Visit my father's grave
16. Be a Big Brother (for Big Brothers and Big Sisters)
17. Learn to play the guitar better
18. Learn to love more
19. Teach my (someday) children about life, love, and laughter
20. That everyone I know will know and understand how much I care for them
21. Have a beer with my son on his 21st birthday
22. Play Mark in RENT
23. Play Seymore in Little Shop of Horrors
24. Spend more time with my family
25. Travel around the world with good friends (and/or significant other)
26. Learn to dance (and lead)
27. Own a boat
28. Make others happy (and laugh)

There's my list. Now it's your turn.

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