Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day(s) Three thru Five

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Day 3 | Saturday
Worked on laundry a bit more in the morning, then headed to St. Awesome's to volunteer as LD. After church, I decided to stop by LiveWire to just chill out for a while. There was live music that night (since it was a Saturday) and for the sound check the girl play a song that I sort of knew but not fully. That song would end up plaguing me for three days. (gah!) Returned home to continue the marathon laundry session.

Day 4 | Sunday
Actually made it to call-time on time despite the three-week-early "spring forward" to Daylight Saving Time and my inopportune bout of insomnia. Sunday after church, I continued to do laundry (seriously). I took my car to a car wash, came home and cleaned the inside out really well. Used the easy Armor-All wipes all over the place. My car looks mostly clean, now. I just need to vacuum the floorboards.

Day 5 | Monday
Slept in. Ahhh. Then I met Dustin for lunch at Live Wire. We don't get to meet as much for lunch this semester because Dustin is taking three classes and pretty much uses his lunch break for those. Bummer. After lunch I ran some errands and almost got my haircut. I decided I wasn't in the mood, though, and bought some new jeans. Then went home and finally finished my laundry! (Whoo hoo!) That night Dustin, Katie and I had dinner at Rally's (yumm) and then hung out for a bit at Live Wire (of course). I finally figured out the song that I couldn't come up with. It was Wonderwall by Oasis. That night I found tablature to the song and learned (sorta) how to play it.

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