Thursday, January 25, 2007

Madly love with a girl...

There's a series of messages currently going on at St. Awesome's. It's called God Trusts Us... And this past weekend it was God Trusts Us... with our sexuality. In the middle of the teaching element, No Nick Name Fred asked Patch to jump up and relate to us some of his experiences. First off, I think it takes incredible courage to talk about sex to a large group of people.

But this isn't really about that... what struck me most is when Patch was talking about his girlfriend. What stood out most about his stint speaking was the following words:
"I am madly in love with this girl."
What an awesome statement. To spit it out... without hesitation... to an entire group of people (whom you may or may not know). It really inspired me.

I know I have talked about my girlfriend Erin a little bit before to some of you... but I think it bears repeating here and now.

I am deeply and madly in love with that girl. The best part is that I see her as "the one". With a capital T and a capital O. The days I'm without her are tough, and the days I'm with her are wonderful and amazing. For the people who have not found this yet (if they are searching)... it's wonderful. Don't give up. For the people who have found it...

...isn't it awesome?

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