Friday, January 19, 2007

LiveWire: Invaded

... the wee ones are taking over...

Today Dustin and I are sitting in LiveWire and enjoying a nice relaxing lunch. We noticed that it was a little bit busier than it normally is when we're there. We then continue with our normal conversation, until a few minutes later, the coffee house is stormed by what seemed like a million kids (in total it was about 50). Apparently some teachers at an elementary school in Richmond had the bright idea to bring all 50 of them to a small coffee shop that has seating for about half that number of people. The noise was overwhelming. Kids were everywhere. My main concern was for the employees... I hope the teachers had called way in advance to at least warn them that the classes were coming in. Needless to say, Dustin and I cut our lunch short... I hurried through my hot vanilla chai, and we scrammed. No quiet reading or working on homework at LiveWire for me today.

As we left, another thought crossed my mind... what do kids drink when they go to a coffee house? Please GOD don't give them coffee.

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