Monday, December 18, 2006


the party edition

The best girlfriend in the world came to visit me (no, not yours... mine). I took her out on an awesome date that night since our six month anniversary was on the 9th. We went to Johnny Carino's for dinner. It was yummy. We then went to see Happy Feet. It was REALLY good. Erin and I laughed so much it hurt. Not only was it a very sweet movie, and it had some political and environmental messages as well. After that we went to the Paddy Wagon for a couple of drinks before heading back to watch some Ghost Whisperer before bed.

Erin and I slept in, then went to LiveWire and met Dustin for lunch. I left Erin and Dustin to gab a bit since I had to go to my Web Publishing class for my final, which consisted of showing off our web pages and getting back various papers and our grade for the class (I got a 94... yeah, I'm awesome). For dinner, Erin and I ate at B.D.'s Mongolian Grill... AWESOME. I highly recommend it! After dinner we went to St. Awesome's Christmas Party. We sat at a table with a bunch of the guys I volunteer with and Erin and I danced to the music the 3 piece jazz combo was playing. After the party wound down, we headed home and watch MORE Ghost Whisperer.

I made brunch for Erin, Dustin, and Katie. Probably the biggest meal I've ever attempted. I'm generally a one dish meal kind of guy... mostly because it's tough to make a full meal for just one person. We had scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits. Erin helped me do some more Christmas shopping before the big party at Dustin and Katie's. We had a blast! We played a couple rousing games of Scene It and had a wine-gift exchange. We tried one wine, and it tasted like Dimetap cough syrup.

Erin left. I was sad. I wrote out Christmas Cards and went to bed.

Finished up Christmas shopping! ... and six days before I needed to be! Now I'm watching the Cincinnati Bengals play the Indianapolis Colts. Major game.

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