Tuesday, December 12, 2006


apparently that's the only time stuff happens to me...

I had a nice relaxing day. I woke up when my body decide it was time to get up. I cleaned up a little but in anticipation for Katie's family coming in for a visit for the weekend. That afternoon, I went to the mall, got a much needed haircut (as in a couple months, dirty-hippie-looking, needed). After that, I wandered around the mall and did some Christmas shopping. I decided to treat myself to a movie and went to see The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, and Jude Law. It was really good. Caught myself tearing up a little bit several times. Afterwards, I bought a few groceries in anticipation for Erin's visit this coming weekend and headed home.

I slept in again, and then headed to St. Awesome's to volunteer as lighting director. The band and vocal team were doing some really cool versions of carols, and they seemed to be having some difficulty getting it all together. But as always, the finished product was amazing. Went home after church and crashed.

As with most Sundays I volunteer, the morning came way too early. After church, I came home and watched the Bengals beat the Raiders. It was a really fun game to watch. :) That means the Bengals are still in the Playoff Race... they're seeded #5 right now (which means if the season ended last weekend, Cincy would be in the playoffs). Crashed hard again after the game. Woke up in time for Dustin to ask me how I like my steak cooked. Medium-well. I made some garlic cheese mashed potatoes and Dustin, Katie, and I had a nice dinner. After dinner, I exiled myself to my room to study for my finals on Monday. (which went very well! thanks for asking!)


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