Monday, December 04, 2006


I met up with Dustin for lunch at our usual haunt. Unfortunately, when I first arrived, LiveWire was closed due to the fact that the power was out for their building. Apparently, the crazy windstorm we had knocked out the power about mid-morning. Normally, Dustin and I meet for lunch on Wednesdays. This week we ended up eating lunch together Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Too cool.

I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast (shared them with Dustin & Katie) and headed to church to setup and run lights. Before we got started we had some fun "guy" talk. It was good times. Stayed up late Saturday night talking with Erin... we had a really fun conversation that night, and neither of us really wanted to hang up.

After the sun ticked me off for coming up so early, I headed back to church to continue my weekend duties. The band played some really awesome instrumental Christmas carols. After church, I went home and crashed. Hard. I took about a 4 hour nap, ate some dinner, took another nap, hung out a bit with Dustin & Katie, and then went to bed.

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