Tuesday, December 05, 2006

light at the end of the CARES tunnel

I'm all registered up for another round of classes at EKU for the Spring semester. Here's what I'm taking...

- English Literature I
- Graphics Communications II
- Web Animation
- Astronomy
- Costume Design

... okay, that last one is not my first choice. Generally as a theatre major, you have a choice of three (3) design courses (scenic, lighting, costume). Unfortunately with how small the department is, there's never enough interest in lighting to warrant the class... so I'm taking what I can get. It's my last theatre class i need.

For those of you who have attended EKU, you'll know what CARES is. For the rest of you, it's the listing of all the classes you're required to take, and each semester it's updated and will show you what you have left. Stuff you still need to take is generally in bold or a color. There's a whole lot less bold and color on my CARES report than before the beginning of this semester. After the spring semester I'll only need 8 more classes! Whoo hoo!!!


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