Monday, November 13, 2006


I left after class on Thursday to suprise Erin after her show. She was suprised. :)

Friday, we ate dinner with Erin's parents (who were also in) and then went to watch "The Spitfire Grill" which Erin was the lead in. She and the rest of the cast were fantastic. Almost difficult to believe that it was a college production and not a professional one. After the show, we went to the cast party, and had a BLAST! (too much fun? no such thing) Erin really got to unwind, which was almost a necessity at this point in her semester.

On Saturday we ate lunch with Erin's parents again, and watched the first half of the OSU vs Northwestern. I dropped Erin off so she could get ready for the show, then watched the second half of the game with her parents. We were all gluttons for "punishment" and went back and saw the show again on Saturday night.

We all had lunch one more time on Sunday before her parents left, and then a couple hours later when i left. I listened to the bengals on the radio on the way home, and was disappointed again, but not as badly this time... at least they are playing better. Picked up some chinese food for Dustin, Katie and myself on the way in and we stuffed ourselves while watching Smallville.

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