Monday, November 06, 2006


Erin came in Thursday evening, and we got to spend all day Friday together. We pretty much just lounged around and watched TV and movies most of the day, then we went to the mall and wandered around a bit before meeting Stephanie to see The Prestige and eat at O'Charley's. We came back home and did more of the same for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning, Erin had to leave early because she had rehearsal back in WV. After she left, I went back to bed for a bit, and then got up, made breakfast and volunteered at St. Awesome's. (Mid-week, myself, Matt, and Charlie hung some lights to go over the communion tables for the new weekend experience. They looked great!)

Sunday was another early morning at St. Awesome's. Stephanie paid a visit to the green room between services to see some old friends, and we bid Erin a fond-farewell as it was her last weekend at Crossroads. After church, I came back home to watch the Bengals nearly defeat the Ravens (but a near-win is still a loss). Went to Casa Fiesta (one of the two best Mexican restaurants ever) with Steph, her mom, and some of her family that was in. After dinner, I came home and did homework before crawling into bed.

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