Tuesday, October 10, 2006

weekend - late edition

all the news I forgot to print

Well, my weekend started off Friday evening with Ben & Rebekah's rehearsal at Anchor Baptist church, and the dinner afterwards at Ramsey's. Geron, the best man, reserved a hotel suite for the bachelor party. The suite had two TV's and we set up a projector as well as three Xboxes all connected together and played some multiplayer Halo2. Some had brought some alcohol and some had brought some cigars for the occasion. All the married guys were giving Ben advice for the wedding night. We had a great time.

On Saturday morning, a few of the guys met at cracker for brunch before heading over to the church to get ready and take pictures. The ceremony was very nice. The guys all looked super sexy in our tuxes, and the ladies looked lovely in their dresses. Ben looked incredibly handsome and Rebekah was gorgeous! The reception was a lot of fun. They had a sit-down dinner and showed photo montages of Ben and Rebekah growing up and then photos of them together. For the seating chart, they 'borrowed' an idea from Stephanie and Chris where the tables were all named for significant places in their lives while they dated and were engaged. For instance the "head table" was Hartland Park which is the place where Ben actually proposed. After dinner, all the usual reception activities progressed - the toasts, the cutting of the cake, the first dances, etc. Then the party got started. A lot of dancing happened. The day and evening were very nice.

After the wedding, I headed home and planned on doing laundry in order to travel to West Virginia to visit Erin on Sunday. Shortly after I got home, Erin called and convinced me (with little effort) to come in Saturday night instead.

Sunday through Tuesday seems like such a blur. There was a lot of hanging out... and eating of food... and I got to sit in on a couple of the rehearsals for her show "The Spitfire Grill" that opens in November. It was a good weekend, and it wasn't as difficult to say goodbye this time, because we're going to see each other this weekend in Columbus when we visit parents. Tuesday night I helped out at St. Awesome's to take down a bunch of truss we had set up for the past message series. It was a really cool look. After we were done, Matt and I went to Starbuck's to grab a beverage, sit around and hang out for a little bit.

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