Monday, October 02, 2006

weekend + 1

The best and the brightest from St. Awesome's returned from Chicago late Friday night.

I didn't get nearly enough sleep on Saturday before I went to church to setup and run lights. With the whole restructuring of the services, I tried to give the crowd a feel for what the service might begin to look like from a lighting stand point. After the service, I went home ate some cheesy scrambled eggs with salsa, and slept.

Sunday was another early morning at St. Awesome's. For the last full-fledged Reverb, I decided to do similarly what I did with the classic service, and give them a little extra flavor with the lights. Showing them that subtle dynamic lighting in the service is not a distraction, but adds to the worship experience and environment. I wish I could've gone to church in the evening, because I feel like I needed to after the Cincy Bengals lost to the Patriots that afternoon. The evening was homework-filled.

Today, aka Monday wasn't just another day. Our next project in my Graphic Comm. class is screen printing (aka t-shirts). Today we learned the process from start to finish, even printed out a shirt with the EKU logo on it. Now we'll start designing our own shirt and printing some. Do I smell Christmas gifts? In my Web Pub class, we created CSS menus.


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