Monday, September 11, 2006


Friday night I went to watch Dustin test for his 4th degree black belt. This was a pretty big test for him because not only did it give him a new belt rank, but he was also bestowed upon the title of Shihan. Dustin has been taking Karate pretty much as long as I've lived in the Richmond / Lexington area. Very proud of him. After that I went with him, Katie, and a bunch of the gang from the dojo to Banana's to eat.

Saturday, I volunteered at church as lighting director. Nothing too out of the ordinary, really. After the service, I met up with my friend Katie and a couple of her friends who were in from Bowling Green. We went to dinner at Belle Notte, which happened to be my first time eating there, and it was great. After dinner we hit Common Grounds (cool coffee house in Lexington), where we met up with another buddy of mine who just started at UK. It was a blast. The big bummer of the day was Erin and I couldn't be together - it was our 3 month aniversary. The worse part was Erin and I were both very cranky that we couldn't be together and really took it out on each other.

Sunday, I went to church again. Came home after church to watch Cincy beat Kansas City. Then I fell asleep, and took an inadvertant 4 hour nap. Sunday night Erin and I were able to talk about what had been bugging us and came to the conclusion that we love each other, and we're both big idiots (each in our own right).

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