Tuesday, September 05, 2006

weekend - Labor Day edition

As I posted earlier, Erin came in on Friday. We ate at Madison Garden and then went to LiveWire. We sipped on our coffee-house-type beverages and listened to the live band that was playing. We also played scrabble. After LiveWire, we came home and went to bed.

On Saturday, Erin went with me to the Fayette Mall to be measured for Ben's wedding in October. (alright people! enough with the weddings!!!) Then we met Ben and Rebekah at Starbucks so that everyone could meet. Ben and I talked geek pretty much like we always do when we get together. Hopefully everybody liked each other! That's something that Erin and I have been VERY fortunate about. Her family likes me (and mine likes her), and her friends... even the ones who have NEVER liked anyone she's dated, have really gotten along with me well. And my friends LOVE her! Anyway, on Saturday night, Dustin & Katie cooked dinner for us and for Jared & Kelly. After dinner we played "The Game of Life". It was really fun.

Erin woke up Sunday feeling really ill. She was supposed to go back on Sunday for a friend's wedding shower, and she had classes on Monday (WVWC doesn't celebrate Labor day for some reason...). She was in no shape to drive for 5 hours, so she stayed, and I took care of her. I know this is bad, but I'm really glad she got to stay around on Sunday, even though she was feeling bad. I made her Cinnamon toast for breakfast, and grabbed some Chinese Take-Out for dinner. We laid around most of the day, watched TV and watched the movie Serenity before going to bed.

Monday, Erin was feeling a little bit better, and I was treated to something special... I was finally able to speak with Stephanie! It's the first time I've spoken with her since I came back from London (which for us is way too long). After we said our goodbyes, Erin and I went to Sonny's for some BBQ Pork... mmmm... and then we parted ways as she headed back to WV. I went to Wally World, grabbed a few groceries, including some comfort food, and went home. Later... Dustin, Katie, and I watched the old movie Wizard. Then I went to bed.

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