Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This weekend was awesome. After returning from a visit to JWT to see Erin, she was able to come down and spend the weekend with me!

Erin arrived around 2:00pm and after getting some alone time in, I dragged her along to Stephanie's graduation where she got to meet Steph and Chris for the first time. After the graduation, the four of us went to LiveWire to hang out and to let the other three get to know each other a bit better. It was really important to me for Erin and Stephanie to meet. Erin and I went back home, cuddled on the couch, drank some champagne, and watched Kiki's Delivery Service. At midnight Erin gave me my presents.

AKA - Scott's Birthday.
Laid around with Erin until about 1:00 and then went to the Fayette Mall. I had just recently found a great deal on a pretty cool shirt at Hollister's and wanted to try my luck again... no such luck. We wondered around the mall and we stopped in the Build-A-Bear Workshop where Erin built a bear for me, and I built a bear for her. (too sweet... I know... ouch, cavities!) Bought a bunch of chocolate truffles at Godiva (my weakness). Later we went to Joseph Beth where Erin was in heaven... she really likes to read and loves books. After prying Erin away from the bookstore, we met up with Stephanie and Chris at Miyako's for my birtday dinner. It was Erin and Chris' first time eating hibachi, and Erin tried some of my sushi and liked it... what a girl! Erin and I went back home to cuddle more and watched Love, Actually.

We woke up early Sunday morning... a little too early if you ask erin. ;) We went to church at St. Awesome's (ala Patch). It was my first time being to church since the beginning of summer, and it felt great... very energizing! After the service I introduced Erin to pretty much everybody there that's important to me - Matt, Greg, MB, Janine, Patch, Ira, Chris. I apologized later, because even to me it felt like I was parading her around, saying, "look at me, i've got a girlfriend!"... but it really was that she's special to me and I wanted everyone to meet her (that way when I talk about her, they know who I'm talking about). After church, Erin and I met up with Stephanie and Chris at O'Charley's in Richmond for lunch. After lunch it was time for Erin to head back to JWT. :( Fortunately, she drove back after her show was over and arrived at about 1:00am on Monday morning to spend two more days with me!

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