Tuesday, August 29, 2006

weekend - long winded

My weekend actually started off on Thursday when I travelled to West Virginia to visit my girlfriend, Erin. I had a bit of an adventure getting across the KY/WV border since I-64 was shut down in that area. After sitting in traffic for an hour, I detoured through Ohio and finally made it to her school. That night we grabbed some coffee with her friend Sean. Cool guy.

Friday, Erin showed me around Buckhannon, WV, which is a REALLY small town... if you ever thought your hometown was small, you've never been to Buckhannon. That night we watched movies and ordered pizza for dinner. :)

A lot more lounging around and enjoying each other's company was what Saturday was all about. We ate dinner with a couple of Erin's friends: Sean, Shifty (Brian), and Amy (?). After dinner we went back to her room and hung out for a bit, got ready and then headed over to "The Apartment". It's the place where Erin and her friends all go to unwind, drink, and shoot the crap. We had a blast that night... I pretty much met all the crew she hangs out with (or at least the most important ones. We all got along really well.

On Sunday morning, we had another sad farewell as I drove back home. The trip was very uneventful.

I had an unexpected surprise on Monday. The touring group from JWT was in Richmond this week. A few of the gang that I've worked with over the past couple years were in the show and we met up to hang out. Elizabeth (worked with her on the Promo Tour at the beginning of the summer) and I went to Casa Cafe for dinner and then grabbed Robbie and Beth to go to the bowling alley... we ended up not bowling but going to the bar, drinking, watching the Bengals whip up on the Packers, playing the TV Trivia game, and heckling the band that was playing.

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