Monday, August 21, 2006

weekend - extended version

Flew back into the country, Erin picked me up from the airport and I crashed at her parent's house after an awesome grilled out dinner and s'mores afterwards.

Watched part of Under the Tuscan Sun (Erin's favorite movie), ate lunch at Brews and met her friend Josh. Then went to Witts to eat some ice cream and meet her friend Whitney. Both Whitney and Josh were very nice and friendly, and I think we all got along really well. That evening Erin met my mom for the first time... she was really nervous, it was cute! We ate dinner at Wendel's Pub and then went back to mom's to look at photos from London.

Mom and I drove from Columbus to Lexington to drop me off at my car. Mom then went to visit my Aunt Jane in Winchester. I tried unpacking... with not much luck.

Volunteered at St. Awesome's for our Music Minister's (Mary Beth) last weekend on staff. I worked the stage camera (and worked it I did) from just behind the piano. The service was amazing, it was really good to have something to get me off my butt this weekend.

Returned to St. Awesome's for the service... the whole creative arts team was really on their game this weekend... it was incredible. Came home and acted like I was going to clean my room... but didn't. Laid in bed and slept most of the day.

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