Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music Man Haiku

what we do to stay sane...

During the Saturday evening performance of Music Man, the music director came up with a fun little way to "pass the time" during the show. We were each to come up with a haiku about The Music Man and turn them in at intermission. I think they're going to make some kind of collage eventually and post them somewhere. But here are the ones that I came up with. Enjoy!

MM Haiku #1:
Stubborn Iowa
Harold is a Music Man
Pool is devil's tool

MM Haiku #2:
Shipoopi dancing
melts the heart of Marian
kiss on the footbridge

MM Haiku #3:
School Board members fight
the quartet sings Lida Rose
just can't corner Hill

MM Haiku #4:
Oh we're in Trouble
The Show is three hours long
I need a cold beer

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