Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend - holiday edition

.. is that all you do around here?

I traveled up North to visit the family for the holidays. Went over to Erin's that night to celebrate her birthday with her and her family. We cuddled up and watched a movie together late that night.

Went and did the family thing. Had a great time hanging out with my plethora of cousins. It was so nice outside, we were even able to get out into the back year and play some games with the itty bitty ones. Ate a lot and watched a little bit of football. None of the games really interested me, though, so I talked with my cousins most of the time. Went home and crashed hard.

Slept in until about 10. Another nice day, so my cousins and I went and played a round of frisbee golf in the afternoon. Hit the bed pretty hard again after a good dinner. In Erin-land - she and the ladies of her family shopped all the black-friday sales for about 12 hours starting at 4:30am. (yikes)

Mom and my uncles went house-hunting for an uncle who is looking to move to the area. Meanwhile, I spent most of the day with Erin and her folks. Erin has this huge village that she puts up ever year. It takes over most of the kitchen. She's been collecting these village pieces every year since she was in high school, and she has 26 individual buildings. After decorating, we ate dinner, and played some games. Erin and I cuddled up and watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol" before I headed back to mom's.

Drove home bright and early. Watched the Bengals beat the Browns (30 - 0)! Chatted about the holidays a bit with Dustin and Katie. Had some dinner, did some homework, unpacked, and went to bed.

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