Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rude People

rantings of a patience-worn man

There are a few people in my Graphics Comm. class that are just completely without tact. They general talk during class, and the classroom isn't that big, everyone can hear them... unfortunately, I sit right in front of them. Making it really difficult for me to concentrate. The icing on the already huge cake is that today the professor ran a few minutes late on his lecture, and instead of just politely informing him, they chose the crappy route of closing books really loudly (over and over) and zipping up backpacks really loudly (over and over). One of them actually got up to leave in the middle of the lecture. When the professor called him out, that's when someone finally said something. And after class, he was in the lab, not doing work, but looking at FACEBOOK. The best part is that Dr. Dailey came into the lab and saw it... and called him out on it.

[pant, pant, pant]

There, i feel better... sorta. Now, if there was just something I could do about those pesky kids. ;)


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