Sunday, July 23, 2006

Really Great Week

This past week, I got to hang out with Stephanie a lot. Y'know some last-chance one-to-one friend time.

Tuesday was her last day at work, and so we celebrated by taking in a double feature of Click and Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Both movies were really great... we were both really pleased because for some reason we had both heard fairly bad reviews for Pirates (not that I take too much stock in what critics think). Oh and by the way... for all of you movie goers that like to stick around for something to possibly happen after the credits... something does happen, and it's not worth sticking around. If you want to know - I'll tell you.

Wednesday I helped Stephanie clean up her house a bit for when Chris came to visit. I also got a new toy that I can't get enough of. I ordered a Palm T|X from it's really awesome. It's equipped with BlueTooth and WiFi and has expandable memory. You can check email and browse the internet. You can also view photos, watch videos, and listen to music on it. I really love the ability to take photos with me instead of carrying them in my wallet.

Thursday I finally got my LiveWire fix after 3 months of being away. Dustin joined me after work. Stephanie and Chris joined us a little later... Steph had just gotten back from picking him up at the airport. And Katie joined us shortly after that. Then we all went to Casa Cafe where Steph's mom joined us and we all dined on great mexican food.

Friday I went to Steph's and hung out with her and Chris, and they helped me out with a cover letter for my resume that I'm sending to Barter Theatre. Then we watched Office Space which Chris hadn't seen, ate some dinner, and then played the requisite game of Mario Party on GameCube.

Saturday I headed up to Fayette Mall in the morning because JWT was doing a promo in the mall and Erin was going to be there. Unfortunately, I only was able to spend about 30 minutes with her because 1) the vehicle she was riding in was the last one to arrive (a little late, too) and 2) I had to drive back to Richmond for Stephanie and Chris' co-ed wedding shower. Erin and I both pretty much agreed that any amount of time we get to see each other is completely worth it. On the upside, I bought a really awesome shirt at Hollister for 20 bucks. When I left the Mall, I drove down for the wedding shower... which was a blast. There are just some groups of people that you can't help but have a good time with... those people were all there. After the wedding shower, it was bachelor/ette party time. Now Chris had already had his actual bachelor party in England, so really it was just a few guys going out drinking... pretty low key. We went bowling for a bit, then hit a pool hall and shot pool for a couple hours. It was still a great time, just what the doctor ordered.


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