Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meet the Parents

I just returned from my visit to Prestonsburg to see Erin and the rest of the gang at JWT... but mostly to see Erin.

Monday I arrived a little before noon and went straight to the cabins to get Erin out of bed. :) We went to lunch and then I checked into my hotel room. That night we went to see Lady in the Water which was really good, actually I enjoyed it WAY more than I expected. The movie is not at all what you expect it to be... much like the rest of M. Night Shamalamadingdong's movies. It's a definite buy... plus it was mine and Erin's second date movie. :)

On Tuesday, I was really nervous... Erin's family came into town to see the shows at JWT. It was a big family thing... her mom and dad, two aunts, an uncle, and a grandmother came down from Newark, Ohio (near Columbus). As Erin is my first girlfriend, I've never known the anxiety of "I hope her family likes me". That night we ate at Billy Ray's, which is an awesome home-style cooking restaurant... and apparently while I would be talking to one family member, the others over my shoulder to Erin would mouth the words, "we like him", and "he's a good one". That evening I went to watch the show (Legend of Jenny Wiley) and ended up running music and sound effects for it.

Erin, her family, and I rented a pontoon boat on Wednesday. It was her mother's birthday, and we had cake and chips and cookies out on the boat. It really was a beautiful day to spend with some fine folks. Watched Footloose and hung out with some of the gang after the show.

It was a great week so far, and Erin comes to visit tomorrow, and she'll be staying through Sunday!!! She'll be here for my birthday, which is an awesome present in itself!! A lot of my friends will get to meet her, which I am very excited about! I think she's as nervous to meet all of my friends as I was to meet her parents. She's adorable. :)


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