Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th - 24 hours

Okay, my fourth of july was pretty good. It actually started on the 3rd. Some quick background. A friend of mine here (Elizabeth Kenseck - I worked with her on the Promo Tour before the summer season started) and I decided we needed to have a tequila night. Well, unfortunatly with her rehearsal schedule and my build schedule, there was never really a night that either of us could afford to stay up late to drink... The entire crew and cast had July 4th off... so the night of July 3rd was to become Tequila Night.

July 3rd, 10:00pm - Operation: Tequila Night commences.
This was the first night in a long time that I've had the chance to spread my social butterfly wings. It was a lot of fun. After a bottle of tequila and 3 coronas, the night for me was over... Erin was really down about me leaving on the 14th, and so I gave her some one-on-one time and cheered her up. We had a really awesome night.

July 4th, 11:00am - Operation: Tequila Night aftermath.
I woke up feeling pretty chipper, no hangover, no headache or anything. I'm pretty smart how I handle my alcohol, so I rarely feel bad the next day.

Today one of the local cast members was hosting a party at their house...kind of a cookout sort of thing. It was a blast and there was great food. A bunch of us took a dip in the lake, and then went home to change for a carnival at Archer park and then to watch fireworks... well, as well all began to emerge from our showers, it began to pour outside. We decided to go to Applebee's in Pikeville as a big group, and had some drinks and appetizers instead. This was a LOT of fun.

We never made it to the fireworks, but we bought some sparklers and played with those when we got home.

That was about 11:00pm when all was said and done. A very enjoyable 4th of July experience.... sans fireworks. :(


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