Wednesday, August 02, 2006

weekend - director's cut

Erin and I enjoyed a lazy day, ate at Casa Cafe for lunch, watched M. Night Shamalamadingdong's "The Village", and then Dustin and Katie made a roast for dinner. After dinner we played Euchre and Balderdash. We tried to watch RENT but only made it about half-way through.

Again, we slept in. For lunch we ate at Sonic and then came back to hang out at the house before Erin had to leave. Stephanie called and knew I would be down after Erin left and invited me to dinner with her, Chris, her mom, Chris's mom & dad, and his best man, Craig at Boone's Tavern in Berea. A very nice restaurant... you can always tell by the menu when a place is nicer... the fewer items on the menu, the fancier the place. After dinner, Chris, Steph, Craig, and I went to The Paddy Wagon, an Irish pub in downtown Richmond. It was a lot of fun, and I really appreciate Steph and Chris cheering me up. They are really awesome people, and I know that they are going to have a lifetime of happiness together. After "drowning my sorrows" with a pint of Killian's, I went home, and got to talk to Erin before we went to bed. Hearing her voice cheered me up so much, it was incredible. This was a really awsome "weekend".

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